Aden Ruseldt Currency Trading Made Easy Home Study Course

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Aden Ruseldt Currency Trading Made Easy Home Study Trading Course


Aden Ruseldt Currency Trading Made Easy Home Study Course

Aden Ruseldt Currency Trading Made Easy DVD – 2 DVD+1 PDF Manual

Warning Do NOT buy any Forex course
unless it meets the following criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

1) Is their system simple? Do they tell you when to get in the market AND when to get out? Or do they say most traders lose money their first year and just look at it like paying your tuition to learn to trade? * Well I make and keep it simple, yes it will take you a few weeks but once you’ve got it you’ll be making money.

2) Are they pushing expensive mentoring program? If they are and have many students you’ve got to ask yourself are they making their money mentoring or trading? If their trading is making them so much money why are they wasting their time mentoring? If they are doing their mentoring for the money then you are learning from the wrong person. If you want to be successful in something then learn from somebody who already is. Or are they just selling tips? If their tips are so good why are they bothering selling them instead of just using them themselves?

3) Are they asking you to trade real money before your comfortable? I never encourage you to trade real money until at least 65% of your trades are winners and you are up 5% in a 30 day period.

4) Are they trying to charge you $3,000, $4,000 or even $5,000 plus high monthly fee’s? There is a better less expensive way.

“Finally the answer to trading the Forex successfully.”

If you have lost money on automated systems, ebook forex trading techniques, thousand dollar mentoring programs or seminars then I have the solution for you.

Leaving behind the rank and file 90% of traders that lose money takes a proper system. That system is using the strategy’s that make the institutional traders and banks billions each year. If your wanting to join the 10% of traders that make money consistently, then you need to learn to trade how the institutions trade. They use pivot points.* I’ll teach you how to trade systematically with a simple 2 out of 5 technique approach which will make you profitable over 70% of the time. If you can follow directions, then you can make money using my system.

What sets my course apart from other courses that use pivot points?  I also teach you 4 very specific, very high percentage trades.  Exact setups, stops and targets are provided.  No one else on the net does this.  I also am a money manager.  I wonder why most the gurus out there that are so good at trading don’t manage money?  Maybe because they are to busy teaching to really trade?  Maybe they can’t trade?  I’m not sure, but you should be wondering why anyone who is a good trader would bother teaching at all?  I give my answer a few paragraphs down, do the others ever give theirs?  Keep reading, I’ll show you one of my personal trade report where I made 230% in 13 days. 

* You may have never heard of the Forex or of it’s powerful money making potential. Or you might already be a decent trader but want to become more profitable. If so then you and I both know that just one tip is worth ten times the price of this course, but you will get much more then that.

“This is what your banker and the ultra rich don’t want you to know!”

Did you know that Bank of America made 757 million in the currency or foreign exchange market (Forex) in 2004?

See the line labeled Foreign exchange. Each year they and many other banks are making more then the previous year in this relatively unknown market (even though it is the largest financial market in the world). Also for the first time in history Warren Buffett and Bills Gates are trading currencies.

Have you ever met a banker that was not conservative? Me either, because banks are conservative by nature. * Banks love the Forex because it is the best trending market in the world. It keeps the same up or down direction over 80% of the time. This makes trending markets the easiest markets to trade. * Many traders I know that used to trade stocks, bonds, commodities and futures now trade the Forex exclusively . I heard it said once that to become wealthy you should emulate the wealthy.

So what does all this mean to you?

* I’ll teach you how to ride the coat tails of the big banks and commercial traders to pull daily profits from the market like clockwork. In only a few weeks you will have a truly unlimited income potential.

If you already have experience in the Forex then you fall into one of two categories.

The first is the minority of successful traders and the second is the majority of unsuccessful traders. For the first group * all I can say is that if you got just one nugget or strategy from me that would be worth ten times the price of the course. I guarantee that you will get a whole lot more then one nugget. If you have not had success yet then most likely it is not your fault. You probably were taught bad strategies or you were tricked into trusting an unproven system. Bad money management or trading psychology could also be why you’re not winning. My course teaches both of those extensively.

A breath of fresh air is coming your way. When you learn how simple my 5 signals are to read then you will get excited again. As your demo account grows you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time and money on other courses.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one:  I’m a full time currency trader. I practice what I preach. I’m a currency trader first and teacher second, that is why you will never be able to reach me for the first few hours after the New York open. If you would rather have someone that mentors and teaches and is not successful in the markets then I recommend one of those $2,000 or $3,000 mentoring programs. Lastly, I have a real office that you can visit next time you’re in Houston (I’m not just some guy working out of his house, which makes me wonder why some of the ebook authors that are “making millions” don’t even have a phone number or office?), plus you can call me anytime.

Reason two:  As far as I know I am the only trainer that is showing a trading platform of my personal account.

Reason three:  I would not be sharing this if I was not 100% convinced that I am not special and that anyone can trade as successfully as I do.

Here is a summary of the
benefits you receive

I teach only five simple technical indicators. All five are taught extensively in the DVD’s.  Only two are required to line up for you to have a high percentage winning trade, but the more you have, the more rock solid your trade becomes
* Quick learning curve. Easy for you to spot winning trades. Easy to know when to exit and when to enter. If you only learn one or the other your doomed to fail

Forex market is the most liquid market in the world
** You will always get the price you want

Be your own boss. Depending on how quickly you master paper trading
Taking back your time and life is the most liberating thing in the world

Unlimited income potential. (*NOTE: There is high risk in forex trading .
* Take the vacations you’ve always wanted, drive what you want to drive and live where you want to live

Unlimited free charts and demo accounts
You don’t have to spend a lot of money month after month while learning, and you can take as long as you want before funding a real money account

Learn how to make a minimum of 20 pips/ticks a day
Doing this while trading on a 5% margin (safe money management) will double your money every 5 months.

This is the only full Forex course that is reasonably priced
This saves you hard earned money and time going through others unproven theories and systems about the market

I teach you how to recognize false buy/sell signals
This saves you time, money and frustration

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

The whole course is laid out in plain english, no sugar coating and no beating around the bush. I like to teach with clarity, getting to it and making it simple for you. If you are new to currency trading you may need to go through the course 2 or 3 times but it is well worth it.
* This is the only currency trading course that is reasonably priced and that teaches you to trade the way the banks trade with over a 70% success rate.

Unlimited time to trade on a demo account to prove it to yourself using my strategies.
Quick learning curve of just a few weeks.

The course is fit for professionals, stay at home moms, college students, private investors, and working individual with no time.
The only difference between my system and the big wigs is the time frame that I trade in. I teach and mostly do day trading while they do position trading. Both of these strategies correlate perfectly.

Here are two frequently asked questions I receive regularly.

Q) If you’re so successful why are you selling courses?

A) That’s a good question and there are 4 reasons why I still sell courses.

  1. The teacher always learns more than the students. I like to and need to stay sharp to stay a successful trader.
  2. The course is a lead in for my managed accounts.
  3. I had many friends and family that wanted me to teach them how to trade and after doing it over and over I decided this would be easier. And no I don’t sell it to them.
  4. Why turn down an extra stream of income.

Q) What about other courses that are claiming I can make 100% per month or 700 pips per month on an automated system?

A)  If any system were making 100% or even 50% EVERY month do you really think they would be sharing it? They would guard it like the Holy Grail. If you want hype and false promises don’t read any further. Trading is NOT for everyone. I was raised hearing a saying, “If it’s too good to be true then it’s not” and “anything worth having takes work.” The good news is that the market does not care what your background is but only that you have a desire to learn and grow.

You get at least 4 times your money’s worth!

In summary, here’s what you get:

1. Over Three and half hours of my latest educational seminar on DVD with bonus material.
2. 116 page nuts and bolts pdf manual.

To your success,

Aden Rusfeldt


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