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Andrew Baxter Mastering the Stock Market Trading Course

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If you could break the DNA code of a money-aking trade… ould hat put more bucks
in your bank?
How to profile and identify the DNA
of a winning trade – and ride it
for maximum profit…
** Also Revealed **
292 closely guarded
“Trader Money-Making Secrets…”
Techniques, tricks, strategies and devices that identify the
precise genetic fingerprint of trading money-plays you
can exploit for maximum profitsFrom the Desk of Andrew Baxter, Trader & Licensed Equities and Futures Broker
Dear Stock Market Trader,What separates the winners from the losers in the trading world?

Why do some traders yank major money out of the market no matter whether it’s up, down, or moving sideways – and do so with total confidence, a cool head and no stress at all… while others continually lose their cool – and their money – and find themselves lying awake staring at the ceiling at 3:00am every morning?

I’ve seen a lot of hungry young traders bite the dust – and hard – in my 13 years trading professionally in the market. But I’ve also seen a lot of savvy and smooth
operators pocket millions of dollars …

Do you know what makes all the difference? Do you think you have what it takes to be on the winning side of the trade more times than not … a formula guaranteed
to make you incredibly rich?

How to forecast your own financial future…

Do you believe there are massive amounts of money to be made in the markets? Do you feel excited, optimistic and pumped about the potential? Or are you more
pessimistic and afraid of the market? Are you a long-term passive investor – or an active trader looking for accelerated returns you can control?

My experience in training over 4,000 private traders is that you can very accurately forecast your own future… it’s precisely as you expect it to be. So if you are
expecting great returns, and expect that following a system that has returned handsome profits for other traders will do the same for you… then you are ready for
the next step …

Privately, I have revealed to hundreds of successful traders my Seven Guiding Principles of Trading Success – and my closely guarded “Trader Money-Making
– all 292 of them.

Each of my students paid $10,000 for this information, and for good reason …

After all, what would you pay for the precise genetic fingerprint of trading money-plays you can turn into major cash windfalls?

Recently I packaged all my greatest money making strategies, techniques and tactics into a 4-CD series called “Mastering the Stock Market” …

And today from that series, I will reveal to you three of my Seven Guiding Principles of Trading Success and many of my “Trader Money-Making
absolutely FREE …

But before I do, let me tell you why you should be glued to what I have to say:

13 Years Professionally Trading In The Market

Market Exposure Of US$750 Million In Past 3 Years

I  have been in markets for 13 years, and over the past three years alone, my retail clients have had, via various instruments and particularly derivatives, an estimated
market exposure approaching US$750 million dollars.

I am a licensed Equities and Futures Broker. I gained my Bachelor of Science Honors degree in business and finance at the University of Bradford Management Centre –
one of Europe’s leading business schools.

I spent six years on the London Stock Exchange with Henderson Global Investors Limited and Clerical Medical Investment Group Limited – two of the UK’s leading
investment houses.

I have trained over 4,000 private traders how to systematize their trading with the objective of being on the winning side of the trade more times than not – my
personal formula for getting rich without losing sleep

I have shown many investors in my $4,000 per person seminars how to achieve impressive results. But rather than blow my own trumpet, allow me to
quote what others have said about my “Mastering the Stock Market” 4-CD series…

“… a master at teaching techniques to trade the markets in a highly profitable manner”

“He is the real deal – a master at teaching techniques to trade the markets in a highly profitable manner … and a master at communicating this to others in a systematic and predictable fashion.”
   ––C Jensen, Licensed Broker, Synergy Investment Group, Dallas, Texas, USA

“… precisely what every trader needs … can only lead to one result — higher returns from the market”

“Congratulations Andrew … Great product. Well done — this is precisely what every new trader needs — and the perfect comprehensive refresh course for every experience trader. It can only lead to one result — higher returns from the market …”
   –– Rich Swannell, Founder of Refined Elliott Trader, Elliottician LLC, New York, USA

“Andrew is a genuine market wizard … he will light a fire under you and move you to a higher trading expertise and higher returns …

“I attended every stock market trading and investment seminar available over the past 13 years … I have listened to local and
international experts speak on investing, trading and the markets in general.

“Without question Andrew Baxter rises above them all. He is a master communicator and a skilled interpreter of complicated markets. I rate him as a genuine market wizard – he will light a fire under you and move you to a higher trading expertise and higher returns

“There are few market educators that deserve your money, your time and your attention, Andrew Baxter is one of them”.
   ––Stephen Jennings, Author of “Mastering Futures Trading”, licensed Futures broker, trader and researcher of trading systems and strategies.

“My trading skills have improved significantly …”

Thank you Andrew for an exceptional product. I did not have much expertise in trading stocks until I got your CD-Rom series …
However I am now confident on investing in the market. My trading skills have improved significantly …
   ––Jeff Hynes, CEO Eman Holdings, Hong Kong

“Investors will be able to fast-track years of study …”

Mastering the Stock Market by Andrew Baxter is a full library in itself, absolutely fantastic. Investors will be able to fast-track years of study with this high quality superbly presented course.”
   ––Dr. Ric Lawes, B Bus, MBA, PhD, Bangkok, Thailand

“Andrew’s seven guiding principles took me from novice to profitable trader …”

“I have been share trading since 1999, starting with no knowledge and looking at where I am now … a highly profitable trader …

“I owe a lot of my knowledge and success to Andrew Baxter. He has the gift of bringing a dry subject across to people with a sense of humour and in simple words.

“He is passionate about trading and that makes him a great teacher. I highly recommend to any serious trader to get hold of Andrew’s powerful trading ‘secrets’ ”.
   ––Ingrid Schaper, Qld, Australia

“It wasn’t until I attended Andrew Baxter’s seminars that I started to trade the share market successfully.”

“When I started trading, I first studied a Diploma in Technical Analysis and purchased a series of seminars in Stock Market trading. It wasn’t until I attended Andrew Baxter’s seminars that I started to trade the market successfully. He showed me how to use this knowledge in a practical way.

“Andrew combines his obvious knowledge and experience of the global financial markets with his natural easy going personality. He has the rare ability to both teach and maintain your interest throughout his seminars.”
   ––James Goodwin, Full-time private trader, Buderim, Australia

“Best of all Andrew has the track record … it has been very

“Having attended several of Andrew Baxter’s sessions I would not hesitate to recommend them very highly to any one with an active interest in shares and trading.

“Andrew’s views are meticulously researched with attention to both fundamental and technical factors. He avoids jargon and uses plain language that any one can understand.

“Best of all Andrew has the track record. I have seen him make fully documented recommendations and report results in detail later. To date his track record has been very rewarding.”
   ––Barry Littler, CEO Alleron Investment Management Limited, Sydney, Australia

Holding a Profit-Loaded Hand…

When you know how to profile and identify the DNA of a winning trade… you truly do hold a loaded hand that will pay off handsomely. In fact, so handsomely it can produce a flow of cash from profitable trades greater than anything you may have previously experienced…

What’s the secret to holding such money making power in your hands?

When you understand the Seven Guiding Principles of Trading Success combined with my “Trader Money-Making Secrets” – you will know how to immediately identify, setup, and execute trades that entail controlled risk and major upside potential

The types of massive trades professionals pull off making hundreds of thousands of dollars per trade – or more …

Seven Guiding Principles of Trading Success

Trading Success Guiding Principle #1
Fundamental Overview To Help Identify Likely Sectors

These guiding principles are real and very much alive in major money-play trades every day – where traders in the know profit big time by following these very Trading Success Guiding Principles

Let me bring these principles to life for you with some real live examples … trades I personally have run and profited from handsomely

So let’s look at principle #1 …

Principle #1 is to use fundamental analysis to help identify likely sectors.
Oil of course is a great example. I am not a Johnny-come-lately on oil. My publicly documented recommendations to clients on oil go back as far as June of 2004.

What were the fundamentals back then that clearly pointed to a highly profitable trade going long on oil?

  • The surplus capacity in OPEC was down to about half a million barrels a day against the back drop of global demand which had been surging year on year…
  • China’s demand alone had increased by probably 1.3 or 1.4 million barrels a day over the last 18 months and continued to grow.
  • There was disruption in production in the Middle East and Iraq was still not online at the levels it should be exporting.
  • There was political instability in Nigeria – which exports most of its light sweet crude to the US for refining for petrol.

Even though the former Soviet Union and newly independent states have been coming into the mix providing new sources of oil, it has not been enough to meet
demand thus the price of oil has been driven up.

How did I use this information to make a ton of money – with the profits still running?

When you know prices are going to move higher you want to put yourself in a position to exploit that price move. The very obvious example was to be long on the oil sector. If you want to trade futures with the underlying commodity being oil – you take a position in light sweet crude contracts. Or you can take a position in specific oil stocks.

One example is with the stock shown below – Woodside Petroleum. I initially put out the recommendation on this trade when oil was around $40 a barrel.

This trade saw a 70% to 75% in the commodity price and the stock moved from $16.49 to $33.05 during this time.

Trading Success Guiding Principle #2
Evaluation Of Best Relative Value In Sector

Trading Success Guiding Principle #2 states that once you have identified the sector to trade … then do an evaluation of relative value within that sector.

Here again oil provides a great example: Once oil was identified as a sector to trade, you then have the delightful task of deciding which oil companies to invest in. Do
you select major key stocks or some of the more speculative smaller companies?

Fund managers who have large sums of money to invest usually gravitate toward the bigger companies in a sector at the expense of some of the smaller ones. As a result of this a valuation disparity can really kick in.

This is something you as a smaller, more nimble trader can take full advantage of …

The Woodside trade I outlined earlier produced a return of over 100%.

But by using my Trading Success Guiding Principle #2 … along with many of the Trader Money-Making Secrets I reveal in the “Mastering the Stock Market” CD
series … I was able to identify smaller players with even greater returns…

Oil Search was one such stock.It shows the benefit of some cheaper stocks — you get a bigger bang for your buck.

You’re buying a larger position and it’s more palatable for smaller investors. This stock is a good example of making a play within a sector and looking for something
that perhaps is a bit more attractive on a valuation level.

I show you how to do this in the “Mastering the Stock Market” 4-CD series.

Look at the trading differential between Woodside Petroleum and Oil Search – The green line at the bottom of the chart represents the margin by which the smaller
stock outperformed the larger stock:

Even though the Woodside trade did impressively well, using Principle #2 has identified a trade that has done even better …

How much better?

A full 26% better … By using fundamental analysis to identify the right sector (Principle #1) and then evaluating relative value within that sector (Principle #2) …
the Oil Search trade outperformed the Woodside trade by 26% …even though Woodside was already clocking in at a healthy 100%+ return on investment …

Trading Success Guiding Principle #3
Technical Analysis For Timing

The third Trading Success Guiding Principle I teach is how to use technical analysis for timing. And although I am attempting to show examples of each
principle to you in isolation – the truth is massive leverage and massive returns occur when you understand how to use them altogether.

This is what I teach you in the “Mastering the Stock Market” series.

In this example we will see how to use technical analysis to get the timing right which allowed me to make money on the downtrend…

Unsophisticated investors or people new to trading think the only way to make money is in a bull market going long on upward trending stocks… But savvy traders can pull money out of the market when it’s trending up, trending down, or moving sideways…

In this example let me show you a stock called Tabcorp Holdings. They are a gaming company involved with electronic gaming amongst other things. One of their biggest
competitors is International Gaming Technology – which is listed in the NASDAQ.

Follow along with the chart above as I describe how to pick a highly profitable trade…

  • You can see in the early months of 2005 there is a support level around $16.80. The stock has come down and touched that level and found it quite hard to fall through.
  • It has then regained strength, struggled, then paused before breaking down through the support of $16.80 – and now it is officially in a down trend.
  • We see a break of the down trend around May 30 at $15.60. The resistance level has been broken, there is strong volume. This is where we buy in for a long position and trade it up.

That’s trading the uptrend. How do you use technical analysis to pick the next downtrend and short the stock for additional profits?

There is a support and resistance level at $16.80. The formation you see is called a Double Top.

A Double Top is one of the biggest reversal plays you see in the market. I cover this extensively in “Mastering the Stock Market” because this formation alone is
worth a lot of dollars to you – if you really understand it… It is one of the biggest and strongest reversal patterns you see in the market place.

So we have a Double Top here at $17.00. The stock had a second assault on $16.80 and didn’t break it.

These numbers don’t match you say? With a Double Top, generally anything within about 5% of its previous high is consistent with being a Double Top formation. So
not breaking $17.00 is confirmation of the Double Top.

We have a reversal pattern and we are now looking for our entry into a short trade …

  • $16.40 has been a support level. If the stock falls down through that $16.40 level, that shows that there’s strong weakness in the stock. That would be a confirmation of the reversal pattern and we would expect it to fall further.
  • The stock does break through this level and on massive volume. This therefore is our entry level for a short trade on the stock. Massive volume indicates the rest of the market recognizes the trend also.

By getting in early at this point on the downtrend, you’re going to make the most money. In fact the downtrend runs from $16.40 down to around $15.75. That is not a massive amount of money on it’s own (0.65 cents).

But if you short sell with an individual share future… you would pocket $10 per 1 cent move in the share. Given the 0.65 cent move in the stock, your profit would be
$650 per contract. The initial margin per contract is $500, so you pocket a 130% return on investment …

Every item in my analysis here is taught in-depth on my “Mastering the Stock Market” series … I cover 292 Trader Money-Making Secrets within the seven
guiding principles.

With a little practice – and I give you precise instructions on how to forward and back test your trading abilities before going live in the market – you will soon be calling and making profitable trades while controlling any downside risk within precise parameters.

And as you can see from the example above you don’t need big price moves to really profit big time, especially when you marry the trade with the right instrument.

Technical analysis gives you the precise timing to play the short trade. In hindsight, you can see the rest of the market then also recognized the trade and hence the
volume kicked in.

“Mastering the Stock Market” covers these and many other highly profitable techniques including how to tightly manage risk with a full 5 hours and 9 minutes of intensive instruction, 262 slides explaining everything you need to know, and 149 charts, diagrams and illustrations to drive home the key trading secrets…

“Mastering the Stock Market” 4 CD series will also reveal for you my…
292 “Trader Money-Making Secrets” That Will Blow Your Socks Off…

You will discover:

  • The single most important component to look for in charts that will be responsible for more profitable trades than any other … (Secret #10)
  • How to read the sentiment of the market… this is a core skill of every mega successful trader … discover the 4 key plays to look for … (Secrets 14 –17)
  • The three essential elements of a trend to look for that will support highly profitable trades almost every time … (Secrets 25, 44, 45)
  • The 11 most important chart patterns … precisely how to identify them, what they mean, and how they will impact your trades for maximum profits… (Secrets 52 – 73)
  • The key to remaining emotionally DISENGAGED from the markets 24/7 … this more than any other skill will make you rich! (Secrets 77 & 78)
  • The 15 essential factors for your entry and exit criteria … Understand and use these factors every day and you are well on your way to becoming incredibly rich … (Secrets 79 – 93)
  • How to employ the most sophisticated and effective risk management rules used by professional traders… with their focus solely on capital preservation …
    the pros use risk management to make massive amounts of money … (Secrets 94 – 97)
  • 16 almost fail-proof ways to confirm before you commit to a trade … All professional traders take making money very seriously … these are the key
    tools they use to confirm their expectations before laying their money on the line … (Secrets 98 – 113)
  • 4 of the most common reversal patterns and which 2 confirmation techniques will tell you precisely where the market is headed next … (Secrets 118 & 119)
  • A comprehensive 33-point trading plan checklist to quickly judge the merits of any “go long” trading opportunity … (Secrets 121 – 153)
  • How to overcome your fear of the short side of the market … 32-point trading plan checklist guides you on precisely when and how to make sizeable profits on the downside … (Secrets 154 – 185)
  • Know when to enter the market and when not to! Execution is only as profitable as it’s timing … use my 4-level, 19-point TOP DOWN checklist and my 20-point BOTTOM UP checklist to figure which sector and which individual stocks to trade … (Secrets 193 – 213 and 219 – 241)


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