Clickevents Interviews With Traders Vol. 1 & 2 Trading Course

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Clickevents Interviews With Traders Vol. 1 & 2 Home Study Trading Course


Clickevents Interviews With Traders Vol. 1 & 2 Trading Course

Now you can with this exclusive set of Seminars on CD with traders talking about how they got started and how they trade now!

Volume One

Kevin Swain – Kevin is not one to follow conventional wisdom and tells us that what most people learn from books about trading is not much use in trying to understand how markets move.

Martin – Martin Shoebridge is not a full time trader but is a serious follower of the Dow Jones 30 Index. Martin runs his family owned PC shop and trades the Dow from his office. Martin has a dual monitor setup and can monitor price action and trade accordingly during the day.

Norman – is an ex-teacher who learned to trade at Trader House. Ernie just trades the Dax and is happy to take 20 points profit a day. As he said “sometimes I take 20 points before 9.00am, and then I am free the rest of the day”

Russell – Russell has traded many instruments and currencies but has found his niche trading Dax futures.

Ernie – During the interviews, breakfast was brought in to Ernie who had been at his desk from before 8.00am. Ernie also started out trading currencies but now  trades mainly the stock indexes and other instruments once he has researched them thoroughly. Vince has traded for several years and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Rahim – Rahim Sajan is the epitome of the professional trader. After getting his engineering degree from Bristol, Rahim had a chance encounter with the CEO of a trading company in New York. That encounter changed his life, he was taught to trade using level 2 and quickly become a top New York trader responsible for several hundred others. Rahim know lives in London and trades his own money (which, he says, is much harder than trading the firms money! Recently featured by his very happy broker, Rahim has been known to trade up to 1,600 times in ONE day!

Volume Two

Nick Sparkes  –  Nick has the distinction of being one of the most active CFD traders in the UK – it is not unusual for Nick to place over a hundred trades in a day!  As you can imagine Nick has a very short trading time frame and seeks to take profits from a series of small, scalping moves. Nick has developed his trading style for CFDs from originally trading futures.

Heath Dacre – is a trader and analyst with GNI. Heath has been trading for less than a year but has gathered a level of trading knowledge and experience that would take a part time trader, years.

Alan Rich – In this interview, Alan explains how he got stated in trading and why he likes to trade the US markets using level 2 to help time his trades. Those who have met Alan at his occasional seminars  or have seen his Seminars on CD will know he makes full use of charts to elect his trades.

Nigel Hawkes –  Of all the traders I have met Nigel is, without question, one of the most relaxed. Living in the UK during the summer he then flies over to Australia for our winter – a life style many of us would be very envious of!  talks about times.

Iain Rogers –  Iain is an ex-city trader who has traded UK equities for many years.  When the banks started shedding staff Iain decided to trade full time from home, whilst successful, he missed the atmosphere and interactions of a city dealing room. His answer? Ian created his own trading room that he now shares with several other successful traders.

 Iain decided to recreate the city dealing room experience and has set up L.I.T.E.  based in Southend-on-Sea. Here, Iain is just one of the traders and his style of trading is very short term, anything from a minutes to an hour or so. Using CFDs, Iain selects trades based on expectations of news and the momentum of the move.

Ian Harbott –  Ian also trades at the L.I.T.E trading centre but has a totally different trading style to Iain.  Also an ex-city trader for a major bank, Ian has traded using his interpretation of technical analysis for  a good many years and trades in a longer time frame taking swing moves over several days and weeks.


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