Paul Taglia Trade Runaway Gaps To Capture Explosive Intraday Moves

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Paul Taglia – How I Trade Runaway Gaps To Capture Explosive Intraday Moves

Paul Taglia’s How I Trade Runaway Gaps To Capture Explosive Intraday Moves CD

Would You Like To Learn One Of The Most Powerful Strategies For Trading Opening Gaps?

Let Paul Taglia Teach You His Strategy For Entering Explosive Moves That Occur Immediately After A Stock Gaps Open!

Paul Taglia generated approximately $4 million in trading profits trading for a major Wall Street firm in years . I was also the firm’s top money producer in listed stocks for that period of time. I now trade full time for myself and I am also Larry Connors’ personal trader.

One of the favorite strategies I trade for my account is my Runaway Gaps Strategy. And now, for the first time, you can learn this strategy to apply to your trading!

What is the Runaway Gaps Strategy?

As you may know, when stocks gap, explosive momentum moves can occur in the direction of the gap. These intraday moves are so wound up with energy that you’ve probably seen them follow through into close with hardly a pause along the way. But how do you find the stocks that actually do this?

In Paul Taglia training module: How I Trade Runaway Gaps To Capture Explosive Intraday Moves, I will teach you a set of explicit rules that allow you to find and enter stocks that potentially make big intraday moves after they gap open. And then, through numerous trading simulations, I will train you to replicate the filtering process I use every morning to find these trades and execute them correctly.

Here’s What You Will Receive From Me

Through my Runaway Gaps module, I will teach you my complete trading methodology. Everything you need to know, understand and do each trading day is fully provided for you in a two-section format.

In Section I, you will learn the complete rules and logic behind my Runaway Gaps Strategy. You will receive the following knowledge:

  • All of the basic gap patterns I use, including the ideal price, volume and gap sizes to use for the best results.
  • My best and fastest filtering methods for enabling you to quickly identify the few viable trades out of hundreds of opening gaps.
  • My 5 proprietary criteria for selecting stocks with greatest runaway gap potential.
  • The entry techniques that get you in powerful moves just when they are beginning.
  • Trade management from entry to exit. You will learn how to trail your stops tightly. And I will show you the ideal way to scale out so that you can ride out high-momentum moves as far as they will go in order to maximize your gains.

In Section II, I will train you to successfully apply my Runaway Gaps Strategy through numerous bar-by-bar simulations.

Paul Taglia  will train you to apply my strategy by walking you through actual trades that I have done. The simulations will take you through the whole process of successfully executing my strategy from filtering stage to the point at which you identify the best trading candidates. Then, you’ll enter the trades, manage the position, trail your stops and exit them. Here is the training you will receive:

  • In the filtering phase of the simulations, Paul Taglia  will provide you the same type of raw opening gap lists that I receive each morning. These gap lists are available from the most popular data vendors and I will show you where to get them.
  • Paul Taglia  will show you how to, within seconds, narrow down a hundred or more raw opening gaps to 30 or 40 stocks that you must examine more closely.
  • Then I will walk you through each of these stocks, chart-by-chart. You will learn how to rapidly evaluate each one of these charts and, in 5 minutes or less, find viable trading candidates that have the potential to explode.


  • Paul Taglia  will teach you my technique for entering trades, both on the long and short side. This technique will ensure that you will capture the bulk of the runaway move by getting you entered just as the move is beginning.
  • You will then learn where to place your initial stop and then quickly move it to breakeven once the stock has made its initial thrust. This sometimes happens within seconds after the trade is entered.
  • Then, you will the learn most opportunistic way of trailing stops in the kind of steep moves my strategy identifies. This will enable you to lock in profits in the early stages of the move.
  • Paul Taglia  will also teach you how I scale out as the move unfolds. This allows you to stay in the move longer and maximize your gains.
  • Paul Taglia  will work with you through the entire trade until we either get stopped out or we get close to the end of the trading day.


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