Trends and Trendlines Plus Trendfans and Trendline Breaks System

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Book 1: Trends and Trendlines

  • I will teach you how to define a trend.

  • I will teach you how to draw a trendline correctly.

I’m not even going to waste your time with useless pablum nor insult your intelligence with stupid promises of “super secret zen systems” that will make you millions of dollars. Ask yourself, if there was an e-book that contained the Holy Grail to Forex Trading, would they really sell it to you for $69?? It makes no sense, and really are just scams.

If you are going to spend money, spend it on EDUCATION, not empty promises.

Start by asking this one simple question: Can you define a trend? So many out there are selling books, e-books, snake-oils, lotions and potions, yet they cannot answer the most fundamental of trading question: What is a trend and how do you draw a correct trendline? You should not trade until you answer these two questions!

  • I will teach you how to define a trend

  • I will give you mathematical proof why my definition is correct.

  • I will teach you a set of rules so that you can draw a correct trendline everytime, regardless of the underlining.

  • You will trade with more confidence because you will be able to define the trend every time.

Before we move forward, I want you all to understand something. My goal is not to get the most customers, my goal is to disseminate VALUABLE INFORMATION to PEOPLE WHO WANT IT.

So, a lot of you will think this is a scam, so I’m going to give you the anti-scam test right below.

Question: Which trendline is CORRECT?

  1. The Red One
  2. The Orange One
  3. The Green One
  4. The Blue One
  5. Whichever one you feel is right at the moment.

If you are 100% confident that you know the answer, DON’T BUY MY BOOK. PLEASE DON’T BUY MY BOOK. I am so sick and tired of having people tell me, they knew “most” of it, and all my book did was confirm what they suspected and then want a refund. If you suspect you are one of these customers, then do us both a favor and DON’T BUY MY BOOK. When you buy my book, learn from it, and then ask for a refund, you are SCAMMING ME. So again, do us both a favor, and don’t buy my book.

If you are “fairly confident” but not 100% confident, then DON’T BUY MY BOOK.

If you don’t have a clue, then DON’T BUY MY BOOK.

If you don’t have a clue, but would like to learn, then BUY MY BOOK. I GUARANTEE that after you finish reading my book, you WILL KNOW THE CORRECT ANSWER.

I found this book very useful. It delivers exactly what [he] says.
A way to draw a trendline OBJECTIVELY and define a trend in a way that if you give 10 people the same chart all of them will draw exactly the same lines and have the same idea about what is ‘trend’ at the moment. This does not mean that you do not need trading experience to benefit from the information, actually it is a prerequisite that you do have some. All it will do for you is help you objectify trading more which above all things is a psychological reinforcement.


If you are sitting there reading this, and you have uttered to yourself, “It’s just a book about a stupid trend, how valuable can this information be?” I’m not even going to try to convince you the information is valuable, that’s not my job. Just do me a favor, DON’T BUY MY BOOK.

I read it… and read it again. Now I know what a TREND is!I got into Forex around 18 months back and tried multiple ways to define my own system. Your writings took me back to the basics and actually made me think/look at market from a different perspective.The price I paid for this book is nothing for what you have given to me. Hope I will pay you in the months ahead in some form of other. I  feel I am getting there but your second book will definetly help  me in my quest for a clear thinking of these markets….Damodar

 You might be wondering at this point, why do I keep telling people not to buy my book? The reason is simple actually. I have priced my book at a price I think is fair, and not ridiculously low for 2 reasons:

1) People who need this information will find it to be cheap.

2) This minimizes the number of refunds. Low prices attract a low quality crowd who is unwilling to spend money on anything useful. Most who ask for a refund can’t tell good information from bad information.

Most traders trade base on “GUT” feeling, which means what they had for lunch has a bigger influence in their trading than any skillset they have. How can you have consistency in trading if you trade randomly?

And what about indicators? There are over 2000+ indicators out there, and all of them had millions of man hour’s worth of computer backtesting against them. None of them produced satisfactory results. If they did, wouldn’t Joe Computer Programmer be the richest man in the world?

If you come to this page looking for magic bullets, holy grails, potions and lotions, you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you would like to learn how to define a trend, and draw a trendline and add these two critcally important items into your trading arsenal, then my ebook is for you.

How do you know my ebook will be great?!? Good question! I often write free ebooks as a way of giving back to those that have given me so much. Regardless if you buy from me or not, 2 free ebooks are provided below as my way of saying “Thank You!” for visiting my site. They are free, no obligation.

But don’t take my word for it, read the comments below from people who have read my ebooks.

I wanted to thank you for your new trends & trendlines e-book. You have indeed shed some light on one of the most misunderstood aspects in trading.

Once reading it, I immediately applied it to my charts. Not long ago I decided to relieve myself from the use of trendlines because of their uselessness when drawn subjectively. Now, with your technique I can (and am, as I type) stay in winners longer and know immediately when a bad decision was made. Truely supportive of the adage letting profits run and cutting losses short.

Looking forward to vol 2.

Many thanks and best wishes,


I’m gonna let you in on a scary secret. I had the opportunity to interview a famous securities consultant, he was the investment consultant at 6 major banks, advising them on what to buy and sell. During the break, I turned to him and said as we were getting coffee, “Just between you and me, what do you personally invest in?” His answer shocked me.

“Nothing. I don’t invest at all, investing is risky.”

Here was a man, of whom 6 major banks depend on for investment advice, but he personally does not trust his own opinion enough to invest for himself. Be weary of those who give advice without following their own advice.

I’m going to tell you something horrible, you’re not gonna want to hear it, but I have to say it anyways. You are going to lose money when you trade. Why do I know this?? Statistically, around 93% of all traders lose money, so statistics are against you. Not only are statistics against you, but most people do not believe in fundamentals. To quote Chet Holmes,

“There aren’t 4000 different moves in karate. There are 12 moves. Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different moves; it’s about doing 12 moves, 4000 times each. The same is true for all areas of accomplishment.”

If you aren’t willing to master the basics, you have lost before you begun. Think about it for a moment, you aren’t willing to spend any money learning to define a trend, but are willing to spend hundreds if not, thousands of dollars on snake-oil promises?

More quotes from satisfied readers of my ebooks:


Hi, Just wanted to let you know your book will change my trading and income and that is priceless! It was to the point and has good examples to help to see exactly how to apply the instructions. It had exactly what you advertised in it and now I can take that and use it correctly in my trading.
Thank you,

I was where you were once..

I read a bunch of books that talked about trends, and trend trading. The problem was, NOT ONE SINGLE BOOK DEFINED A TREND. I realized that the problem wasn’t trend trading, the problem was that nobody could define a trend. Everybody book you opened up, all of them started drawing lines, without rhymn or reason as to why they drew it like that.

So I got fed up!

I sat down and wrote out a systematic and mathematically correct way to define a trend. Once I figured it out, people on the forums inundated me with questions, begging me to write all this into an ebook.

That’s exactly what I did!

If you can find someone who defines a trend for you better than I do, let me know the name of the book, and I will buy a copy and send it to you. If you have already bought it, send me a copy of the receipt and I will Paypal you the money for it. That is how confident I am of my ebook.

Is it the Holy Grail?

Nope. I said from the beginning, this is simply a book that teaches you how to define a trend, and draw a trendline. There is no “right way” to trade, every trader should trade according to their personality.

However, I do think this is one of the most valuable items you can ever find, and one you can’t find anywhere.

And the value doesn’t just stop at trading Forex.

This applies to ANY price chart, regardless of the underlining. This will work for stocks, bonds, futures, and of course, Forex.

I’m going to re-iterate the problem, by quoting a question addressed to me. It was questions like these, that inspired me to write my book.“I have been studying Demark’s book recently and trying to wrap my mind around his method of trendline drawing. He also advocates the idea of moving away from drawing trendlines as an art to a more scientific means of drawing them. My question is the ‘self fulfilling’ aspect of trendlines and other indicators.

One thing I thought about; on my drawing the trendline scientifically, when the majority will draw them ‘artistically’, and trade their artistic version, possibly nullifying my scientifically drawn line.

I am thinking that the majority will never have the same trendlines so the question becomes moot. Whats your thoughts on this?”

Most trendlines are “artistic” and “gut feeling” in nature. They are not reproduceable. Think about it this way, if I gave the same graph to 10 different people, I would end up with 11 trendlines. Most would have you believe that trendlines are based on “feeling”, and you draw what you “think is right”.

Ask yourself this: if you printed out 2 copies of the same chart, and drew a trendline on one of them. The 2nd copy, you waited 2 months and then drew a trendline on it, would the two trendlines be the same??

Chances are, they wouldn’t be, the lack of consistency in drawing a trendline is what kills most people’s trading.

Let me go ahead and show you why I wrote this book. These two charts were sent to me by someone.

Example 1.


Example 2.



Do YOUR Charts look this random? I am going to tell you what I told him: from his charts, it looks like what he had for LUNCH has more influence on his chart than any methodology. And I won’t even comment on CONSISTENT and REPEATABLE trendline drawing. Remember those two words, CONSISTENT AND REPEATABLE.

Go ahead and answer this one simple question, for the price of bid/ask spread, is it worth knowing how to define a trend and draw a trendline? If so, you should buy my book. If not, I want to wish you good luck in your trading anyways..


Derek Bok said: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Book 2: Trendfans and Trendline Breaks

  • I explain what a Trendfan is.

  • I teach you how to draw a Trendline Break.

Do you know what a trendfan is?!?
I’m pretty sure the answer is no, since I pioneered the concept as well as the word.

If you google the word “indicators”, you will find out quickly that there are OVER 2000+ indicators!!  Do you really think that if even ONE of them worked really well, we wouldn’t all be trading it?  The truth is, when it’s all said and done, the PRICE and the PRICE ACTION tells the entire story already.

When was the last time a Moving Average got you into the market early?  When was the last time a Moving Average got you out of a bad market early?

Sure you say, but I use MACD and Stochastics..  well MACD is simply a mix of MA’s.  If 1MA is bad, is 3 MA’s really BETTER??  If you think so, you are lying to yourself or stupid or both.  Do you even know how Stochstics are calculated??

The truth of the matter is, almost all indicators (a good 95%+) is based on some sort of Moving Average.  If the basis for all indicators is fundamentally flawed, don’t you think the resultant product is not only flawed, but the flaws are amplified??

Take a look at your current trading situation; do you use the latest, new-fangled indicator?  If so, has it MADE MONEY for you??

When the market gives you a headache, only one of two things help:
1. Medication

2. Education

Medication is a temporary fix (if that), and not a good one at that..


I keep telling people OVER AND OVER again; if you aren’t going to pay for education UPFRONT, then you are going to pay a long and horrible tuition and still not graduate.  YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY, just how much and when.  The horrible part is, people pay tuition to the market, but didn’t even learn a thing!

There are only THREE real ways to beat the market long term, that’s EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION.  If you don’t want to educate yourself first, prepare to medicate yourself because that’s the only other alternative.

Do you even know why the newest fang-dangled indicator should work, or are you clueless and just holding on to your ass with both hands and praying?  If you are doing this instead of buying education for yourself.. that’s just pathetic..but at least you now know why you are a failure.



There is a category of people I coin:

“Easy to lie to, difficult to teach.”

If you love to buy indicators and how to make a fast buck scams, instead of buying for yourself a good education,



You are not my customer, nor do I want you to be.  Go buy lotions and potions, and other Moving Average combinations, wallow in your only pathetic life, and go with the full knowledge that life didn’t pass you by, nor did lady luck deal you a bad hand, you forced this upon yourself, and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

To quote James Allen,
“Such a man is altogether unfitted for prosperity, and when he finds himself bankrupt, both as regards reputation and riches, he blames circumstances, not knowing that he is the sole author of his condition.”


If you are such a person, LEAVE AND DON’T COME BACK.  Not only do I NOT want to sell a book to you, I’d be ashamed to call you a reader and student of mine.

Look, I might sound harsh, but that’s because I’m not selling potions and lotions.  There’s no snake oil indicator here. And besides, if you think I’m harsh, the market is going to rip you a new one.


So up until now, I’ve not given you much details about trendfans. Before I tell you about them, let me do my usual…


Anti-scam test !!


I’m going to show you two charts below. One has a choppy trend, one has a smooth trend. I want YOU to identify which is the SMOOTH trend, and which is the CHOPPY trend.  Ready??  Go!

Chart #1:

Chart #2

Can’t tell? Can’t decide? Both look like they are in a great trend right?

Both look smooth as butter???! Both look like healthy trends?? ARE YOU .. S U R E ??!?


Now let me give the same two charts to you in Trendfan vision!


You tell ME if you can identify with trendfans in place, which is the SMOOTH trend and which is the CHOPPY trend as defined by the smoothness of trendfan expansion..

Chart #3

Chart #4

Of these two charts, one trend will continue downwards, and the other is in for a rough ride as the angles of trendfans are not smooth and consistent.

Now, was that easy or difficult?  If you thought to yourself,

“Wow,  with the trendfans in place, that was fairly obvious!”

Then go ahead and buy my book and learn how to draw trendfans, one of the most powerful items you can learn on your road to indicator-free, pure price action trading. 


If you think..

“Both look about the same to me.”

then DON’T buy my book, you aren’t even ready to read what I write. LEAVE, NOW.

Not only can a trendfan tell you the SMOOTHNESS of a trend, but it can also help you define key points in a pullback to be used as a stop loss point.


  • A Trendfan will tell you the smoothness of a trend.

  • A Trendfan will help you identify, key places which can be used as additional entry locations for those who pyramid.

  • A Trendfan will help you identify, key places which can be used to place a StopLoss.

  • A Trendfan can tell you where the major support and resistence are.

  • A Trendfan can tell you where and when a trend has been broken AS WELL AS where and when it has continued back on course.
  • A Trendfan can tell you which bars on the chart are the critical ones.


There is no indicator that does what trendfans can do for you, which is tell you the SMOOTHNESS of a trend. Look at Chart #3 again. See the nice smooth progression of the trendfans as it fans out in even intervals? Look at Chart #4, see how the gapping and spacing from the trendfans aren’t so great? A trendfan will show you market smoothness and a whole lot more. Go ahead, I can wait, take a look at both charts again. In fact, take a look at all 4 charts again..

But, looking at Chart #3 and Chart #4..



If you can’t see the difference, then leave.. NOW.



It might seem strange to the uninitiated that someone would tell you NOT to buy their book (Something I do over and over again on this website), but that’s because I’m not a marketer.  I don’t see a customer as a god I bow down and cow down to and beg for a purchase from.  No, I see it as an even exchange, this information is IMPORTANT and it can both MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY, as well as SAVE YOU A LOT OF GRIEF.  If that’s worth money to you, then buy my book, if you are hesitant, then don’t buy my book.

As a smart businessman, I want to filter my customers first, so let me do that right now…






If you are the former, then you should buy my book, it is filled with valuable insights into a subject that I’ve studied in a field that I am a pioneer of.  You can do all the searching you want to online; google, yahoo, whatever search engine you want to use, that’s fine.  Go ahead, try.  You will not find a definition of a trendfan anywhere because I am the pioneer of it.  When was the last time you read someone’s work where they were making breakthrough discoveries in their field?

If you are the latter, go ahead and wire some money to Nigeria…

If you’ve ever read any of my posts on forums, you will know that I am known for my “no-nonsense, take no prisoners, get the job done” attitude.

I am not selling smoke and mirrors, I’m not selling snake oil, I’m not selling lotions and potions, I’m not selling the Holy Grail, I’m not selling vacation villas in Hawaii. I am not trying to rip you off with some supposed secret Moving Average. You don’t see me claiming “I’ve CRACKED THE CODE!!” and other non-sense garbage.

I am selling good, high quality, well thought out, useful content, at a reasonable price.  That’s it.  This stuff will open your eyes about a topic, price action, and specifically, trends, trendlines, trendfans and trendline breaks.

Robert Frost wrote about the road less taken.  I look back, and I think back to decisive turning point moments in my life..  All of them involved one thing… ACTION.



Action is the real measure of intelligence.”
(Napoleon Hill)



Someone recommended the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill to me.  The day I decided to TAKE ACTION and buy the book, read it, follow it; my life changed forever. I HIGHLY recommend this book to you.

Jim Rohn recommended “The Richest Man in Babylon“.  I decided to TAKE ACTION, I bought the book, read it, followed it, and that day, my FINANCIAL life was changed forever. I also HIGHLY recommend this book to you.

I look at it like this, what’s the worst that could happen if you bought my book, read it, and learned from it?  On the other hand, if you DIDN’T buy my book, what might be the possible outcome because of it?



Measure the cost of inaction, realize the unlikelihood and repairability of most missteps, and develop the most important habit of those who excel and enjoy doing so: action.” (Tim Ferriss) [emphasis mine]


I’m going to be brutally honest:

  1. If you think my books are expensive, then you shouldn’t be trading.
  2. If you don’t believe in educating yourself, then you shouldn’t be trading.
  3. If you don’t believe in paying a little now to learn, then be prepared to pay a lot later with no guarantees of learning.
  4. If you think you “know it all already”, then you are a fool, and the fool and his money are soon parted and you will have nobody else to blame but yourself.


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